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4213220f-6188-4c86-8da1-3a28f2f98956-e1424389809773Target ISC is part of a privileged training network, offering our students a solid training program with an international reputation. “Our TESOL students are trained to be effective and resourceful teachers”, says president of Target ISC.

Target ISC offers comprehensive 120 and 224-hour programs that cover every major field of ESL teaching. Highly-qualified instructors make sure that the courses have the perfect balance of theory and practice. TESOL students gain profound knowledge of theoretical approaches in ESL teaching and receive thorough training in the use of practical ESL teaching techniques. Moreover, we help our students get ESL teaching specialization, which makes them much more competitive when looking for jobs.

Unlike TESOL graduates from other schools, our students receive two certificates: a Foundation Certificate and a Specialization Certificate. Global TESOL students gain access to Global TESOL job bank and make hundreds of reputable contacts in the field.


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TESOL Programs

Target ISC offers two TESOL options: TESOL 5 Week and International TESOL.

TESOL 5 Week was developed for English native speakers and international students in advanced language proficiency levels. The admission requirement for this program is an English proficiency Test, on which prospective students need to score at least 70%.

International TESOL was designed specifically for non-native speakers. It is a 12-week program which is I-20 eligible. The program is recommended for students in Upper-Intermediate and Advanced levels who are ready to take the next step in their ESL education with a bigger challenge than regular ESL classes. The course might also be interesting for professional non-native ESL teachers who would like to get certified in the USA. The admission requirement for this program is either to be minimum Level 4 at Target ISC or to test in at minimum Level 4 on Target’s placement test.

Both programs use the same materials. In both programs students get two internationally recognized professional certificates in teaching ESL and compile a professional teaching portfolio.

Program Details

This program is designed for native speakers and international students with a high level of proficiency. The course has been praised by both professional teachers and novice instructors.

The course consists of three modules: the in-classroom part, teaching practicum and the online part. Students in this program have to complete mandatory teaching practicum to receive the certificate.

In-Class Part

The in-classroom part runs on five consecutive Saturdays, 9 AM- 6PM with one hour lunch break. Using the Manual and the Workbook, students cover all major aspects of ESL teaching, from theoretical foundation to practical strategies to use in class.

We pay special attention to lesson planning. Starting from Day 2, students are assigned to work on lesson plans to develop different skills. They get an opportunity to gain hands-on experience teaching when presenting their lesson plans to their group mates. After finishing the 5 week in-classroom part, students are supposed to have a clear idea of the principles that underlie ESL teaching and what practical strategies and techniques they should use in the classroom to develop certain skills.


There is no final exam after the in-class part. Instead, to ensure quality assessment, we have a portfolio requirement. After completing the in-class part, the practicum (see below) and submitting a complete portfolio, students will receive their Foundation Certificate in TESOL, showing 60 hours.


Target ISC introduced practicum requirement for TESOL students. Students will need to complete 12 hours of observations and 8 hours of teaching. During the observation part, TESOL students will sit in on the lessons of instructors at Target ISC and act as facilitators in class if necessary. They will be responsible for filling out Instructor Observation Forms. For the teaching part, students will do a total of 8 hours of ESL instruction (4 hours of teaching and 4 hours of preparation). Students are responsible for consulting the regular teacher about which parts of the course book they will have to cover and which skills to develop in their lessons. Then the teacher will fill out Observation Feedback forms to help the TESOL students assess their performance.

Online Section

Once the student has completed our 5 week program, they then may further specialize themselves through an online component. This will allow them to become extremely desirable to prospective employers.

For more information about these specialisations, please visit https://www.globaltesol.com/package/specializations

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Program Details

International TESOL was designed specifically for non-native speakers. This is a unique program that allows international students to get certified as ESL instructors, significantly improve their language skills and also keep their F-1 status for 12 weeks. Graduates of this program also praise the course as a great way to develop their team-work skills, presentation skills and public speaking skills.

The admission requirement for this program is either to be minimum Level 4 at Target ISC or to test in minimum Level 4 on Target’s placement test.

The program consists of three modules: the in-class part, teaching practicum, and the online part.

In-Class Part

The classes are held 9am – 1:30pm, Monday through Thursdays. During the in-classroom part students learn about every major aspect of ESL teaching, work on their own lesson plans, teach their classmates and receive detailed feedback from the instructor, work on group projects and individual assignments.


After completing 8 weeks in class, students start doing the 4-week practicum part. For the first three weeks they observe ESL instructors at Target ISC for 12 hours a week and complete 6 hours of self-study. They also assist regular ESL teachers in class upon their request. In every class, TESOL students are responsible for filling out Observations Forms to better understand the process of teaching. The last week of the practicum, students will work as ESL instructors teaching 4 hours a week. Regular instructors will provide careful supervision and assist new instructors whenever necessary. The supervising instructor then fills out the Observation form to help practicum students assess their experience.


Same as with TESOL 5 Week, the final requirement for the program is to submit a professional teaching portfolio after finishing the in-class and the practicum parts (12 weeks of the course).

After completing the in-class part and the practicum and submitting a complete portfolio, students receive International Certificate in TESOL showing 120 hours on it.

Please contact us at info@tisc.edu for more information.

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