Student Activities

From social events to volunteer activities, Target ISC offers you many opportunities to improve your English language skills outside the classroom and have fun at the same time!

Weekly group social activities give students a chance to get to know each other better, and to experience the greatness of Boston. Activities are open to all full or part time students.


Popular activities include visiting the Museum of Fine Arts, going to a Boston Red Sox baseball game, taking a cruise in the Boston Harbor, having a picnic on nearby Boston Common, and exploring Harvard Square and Newbury Street, etc. In the winter months, we also offer movies, pizza, and game days at the school.


The school also provides information about many popular weekend trips to regional points of interest. The weekend trips are organized and led by independent tour companies and are paid for by students. These trips include visits to Cape Cod, New York City, Philadelphia, Canada, Washington D.C.,etc.

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