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  • Current students may use this form to request change of program. Our admission department will process your request and get back to you. Completion of this form does NOT guarantee placement into the new program. Your request will be evaluated. *Please note this form is not for leveling up for ESL courses.
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    Please note change of program will change your enrollment and financial balance at Target ISC. When students enroll in a program, they sign an enrollment form stating student name, program name, schedule, start and end date, tuition charges, and refund policy. If a student want to change program or need to change because of placement test result, he or she can fill out the Change of Program Form. The student’s uncompleted old enrollment will be refunded on a prorated basis. Student will need to pay for the new program before class starts. If student withdraw early in the new program, their refund policy will be calculated using new enrollment form. Change of program is defined as switching to a different program listed on the tuition schedule. Students who change levels within the same program are not affected. Students who withdraw from Target’s programs and transfer to another school, will be subjected to early withdraw and cancellation policies, not change of program policy.
  • Student signature indicates understanding and acceptance of our tuition and refund policy stated above.
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