Business English

For those students who have sufficient level of English but seeking to learn more, Target International Student Center offers a Business English course aimed at those who desire to apply their existing English skills to the work place.

The course is a very intense program where students learn a variety of new vocabulary and grammar specific to the business world.

Students are tested in every aspect of the English language: writing, speaking, listening, reading as well as using their critical thinking and creativity skills.

Things You Will Learn:

  • Key business terms, vocabulary and styles
  • How to use your existing English skills in different projects
  • Exposure to many different kinds of English accents
  • Reading, writing, and speaking techniques in the business world
  • Use resources to maximize results

Program Details

  • Classes Monday – Thursday, 09:00am – 01:30pm
  • Start dates, orientation and placement test are available every two weeks. Please visit our School Calendar and Orientation and Placement pages for more information.
Price and Fees

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