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Student Services

We believe that students should get the most out of their school. In addition to high-quality education, our students will also have access to the following:


Students services:

  • College Advising

  • Tutoring

  • On-Campus Activities

  • Available Weekend Trips

  • Certificate of Achievement

  • Student of the Module Award

  • Perfect Attendance Award

  • Monthly Pizza Party

  • Free Coffee and Tea


  • Small Classrooms with a Maximum of 12 Students per Class

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Student Lounge

  • Computer Lab

  • Cafeteria with Refrigerator and Microwave

  • Vending Snack Machine

  • Easy Access to Public Transportation

  • Free Parking Available

  • Handicap Accessibility


One of the many great features of our school is the access to our online school management software, supported by Quickschools.com. Students enrolled at Target ISC can utilize the QuickSchools Student Portal to track their educational progress. By regularly checking in, students, teachers, and other essential staff can easily track student progress, check homework, and get or give feedback on classwork and performance.