MATSOL - Massachusetts Education of English Language Learners

MATSOL (Massachusetts Education of English Language Learners) is a professional association of educators of English language learners in Massachusetts. Their members include educators in PK-12 schools, adult basic education and workplace programs, and institutions of higher learning.  Several faculty and staff at TISC Boston are MATSOL members that actively participate in events, conferences and have contributed to workshops.


Global TESOL COllege

Global TESOL College is a North-American internationally recognized educational institution with headquarters in Edmonton, Canada.  Global TESOL College has trained over 40,000 students with its graduates' teaching in more than 85 countries. They offer a wide range of TESOL (Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification and diploma programs, courses, and services internationally. Global TESOL College was established in 1994 with the specific goal of professionally training and TESOL certifying native and fluent non-native speakers of English, thus enabling graduates to find excellent jobs as they travel the world teaching English.